NAHB is Seeking Meeting with Commerce Secretary Regarding Lumber Prices

As lumber prices reached a record high, NAHB plans to address supply chain disruptions and tariffs that are causing the price of lumber to increase.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, U.S. Trade Representative Rober Lighthizer, and Executive Director of the U.S. Lumber Coalition Zoltan van Heyningen received letters last week regarding the issue.

In the meeting with the secretary, NAHB seeks to talk about strategies that will ease market concerns for both builders and consumers.

“Today, we reiterate our concerns that the ongoing dispute remains unresolved, leading to further disruptions in the consistent supply and availability of lumber for housing,” NAHB’s letter to Lighthizer stated.“We know there are many pressing trade matters affecting the U.S. economy, but the softwood lumber dispute is one that should not be left on the back burner. Lumber supply, housing affordability, and an industry with the potential to lead the U.S. out of the current pandemic-induced recession should not be ignored. We urge the USTR to work with Canada to develop a workable and long-term solution to a trade dispute that has continued for more than 37 years.”


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Author: Sophia Acevedo